Research & Development
Strategic Plan

SuZhou  China

Hua Medtech(Suzhou) is established for R&D

Situated in Area B, Phase II of BioBAY, Suzhou, Hua Medtech Medical Devices (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. was officially established on August 8, 2019, which will build a R&D and production base of 4,608 m² for stroke-related devices and consumables.

The Hua Medtech (Suzhou) facility is a key strategic sector in the overall planning of Hua Medtech, as the company will focus on manufacturing, R&D and innovation of stoke-related devices in future.

In its early stage, the company will concentrate on introduction of domestic and overseas leading technologies and products and localizing them via technical improvement and innovation, based on the principles of “introduction, absorption and transformation”.

At the same time, the company will continuously enhance the team’s manufacturing and R&D capability, pay close attention to the latest technologies, and explore quality products and technologies that meet the clinical needs in China.

Research &  Development