Area B opening ceremony | Young and promising, the grand unveiling of Hua Medtech Suzhou


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Area B opening ceremony | Young and promising, the grand unveiling of Hua Medtech Suzhou

The Suzhou Hua Medtech Village B officially opened today, specializing in providing total solutions for the stroke patient. The grand opening marks a brand-new milestone in the industry. The Suzhou site has a construction area of 4,600 square meters, focusing on the development and production of stroke-related devices and consumable materials.

Area B opening ceremony | Young and promising, the grand unveiling of Hua Medtech Suzhou

Stroke is an acute cerebrovascular disease, characterized by its high morbidity, high mortality, high disability, high recurrence rate, and many other complications. Stroke, along with cardiovascular disease and cancer, are three primary diseases endangering people’s health outcomes.

There are two major types of stroke. One is the hemorrhagic stroke caused by a sudden rupture of the blood vessel in the brain; the other one is the ischemic stroke caused by a blocked artery leading to interruption of blood flow into the brain. Both types of stroke may result in severe brain damage. The incidence of Ischemic stroke makes up 70% of all stroke incidences.

Currently, removing clot through medical treatment or mechanical treatment are the most common treatment options for patients with ischemic stroke. Both procedures have their limitations. Therefore, Hua Medtech was established to address such clinical needs. 

Young and promising, brings hope for stroke patients.

In August 2017, the newly founded Hua Medtech signed a cooperation contract with Penumbra, a medical device company in the United States, aiming to introduce the Penumbra aspiration thrombectomy system into China. The aspiration thrombectomy system generates as a pure vacuum to remove the clot through the Penumbra catheter.

Area B opening ceremony | Young and promising, the grand unveiling of Hua Medtech Suzhou

Compared with previous treatment methods, aspiration thrombectomy has a faster puncture-to-recanalization time, less damage to the vessel wall, and higher safety endpoints. Aspiration thrombectomy has been practiced in foreign countries for years, but it hasn’t been introduced into the Chinese market. According to Mr. Zhao Wenyuan, the head of Hua Medtech Suzhou site, Hua Medtech aims to bring in the most advanced technology through international communications into China, to provide the fastest, most cost-efficient service and better treatment options to our stroke patients and achieve self-sufficiency ability in the foreseeable future.  

Settled in Village B, localization strategy to serve the Chinese market.

The development goal of Hua Medtech is not merely introducing technology into China, but also dedicated to integrate innovation, localize and industrialize foreign advanced technology to address the market development needs and to better adapt to the Chinese market.  

Based on such a development strategy, the Suzhou Biomedical Industry District II was chosen as the research and production site for Hua Medtech stroke-related medical devices. Hua Medtech chose Village B as the base site not only for the company's development strategy but also for its high-quality service provided for the company.

As we all know, the custom regulation on the medical device is stringent in China. Therefore, whenever biomedical companies encounter a medical device that hasn’t been registered in China, then such a challenge will directly affect product research and development progress. Therefore, to tackle this obstacle, Jiangsu pilot free trade zone Suzhou district has officially set forth a new policy to promote high-quality development in the industry, namely the “triage management regulation for imported research and development (trial) on the non-registered medical device.' And Hua Medtech was the first start-up benefiting from this newly issued policy. Wenyuan Zhao stated that the proposed strategies drawn from the policy are professional and intended for helping pharmaceutical companies to tackle their significant challenges and address urgent needs. This so-called 'Green Channel' greatly fostered Hua Medtech’s product development.

Area B opening ceremony | Young and promising, the grand unveiling of Hua Medtech Suzhou

Currently, Village B has engaged multiple pharmaceutical companies that specialize in intervention therapy, precision medicine, medical imaging, therapeutic equipment, and other areas, creating an agglomeration effect to further mutual promotion and coordinated development among companies. Up to the present, A total of 11 products generated from 9 different pharmaceutical companies inside Village B have passed into the Green Channel, approved by the national examination and approval of the medical device innovation product committee. These 11 products account for more than 50% of all 'Green Channel' products in the City of Suzhou. Under the highest standards of three categories of medical devices, Village B has received 90 registration certificates for medical devices and 23 production enterpriser licenses for medical instruments.    

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