A Big Event in Area B | Hua Medtech Suzhou Established in Area B to Provide Integrated Solution to S


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    Zhang Songlin, director of the animations The Mindless and the Unhappy and Prince Nezha's Triumph against Dragon King that leave great memory for generations, died of stroke on May 8, 2012. It is a big pity that stroke, a major killer to human health, is still taking countless lives.

    Hua Medtech Medical Devices (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., a company focusing on providing integrated solution to stroke, was officially set up in Area B of BioBAY recently. The cornerstone laying ceremony in the Phase II of BioBAY in Sangtian Island was attended by Mr. Pang Junyong, President of BioBAY; Mr. Yuan Zhe, General Manager of REALTON; and Mr. Zhang Wei, CEO of Hua Medtech Medical Devices (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

B村全席 | 泓懿医疗苏州落户B村 为脑卒中治疗提供完整解决方案

    Stroke remains No. 1 cause of death in China. While glad to see the rapid development of medicine and technology in China, we are also sighing at the frightening consequence of the disease. Stroke is a major threat to public health with its high incidence, high mortality rate and high disability rate. To fight the stroke, governments in China are actively promoting the building of the stroke system. Several major programs such as the stroke map, the primary and advanced stroke centers and the emergency 120 centers are being implemented vigorously.

    It was against this background that Hua Medtech Medical Devices (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. was established. Situated in Area B, Phase II of BioBAY, Suzhou, the Suzhou facility will be built into an R&D and production base of 4608 m2 for stroke-related devices and consumables, which will develop along the new direction of manufacturing and R&D innovation. Zhao Wenyuan, General Manager of Hua Medtech Suzhou, proposes that the future development of the Suzhou branch will follow the direction of growth of a human being. In its early stage, the company will continue to introduce domestic and overseas leading technologies and products and localize them via technical improvement and innovation. At the same time, the company will continuously enhance the team’s manufacturing and R&D capability, pay close attention to the latest technologies, and explore quality products and technologies that meet the clinical needs in China.

    Looking forward into the stroke market in China in the next 5-10 years, Zhang Wei, CEO of Hua Medtech, believes that stroke will remain a pain point and the related technologies will develop along a direction of high efficiency, intellectualization, low cost and systematization. Speed is first demand of stroke treatment; intellectualization means higher efficiency and lower cost of human power and resources; low cost allows treatment for more patients; and systematic solutions are needed in clinical uses, which focus on the outcomes and rehabilitation.

About Hua Medtech

Hua Medtech is committed to becoming a healthcare provider of integrated solutions to strokes. The future planning of the company will focus on three strategic directions: marketing, manufacturing and R&D, and data services. Marketing was the focus of the company in its early stage, which developed the market and continued its operation via introduction and integration of products and technologies. The establishment of the Suzhou facility provides strong support for manufacturing and R&D. As an essential part in our integrated solution, the powerful downstream and upstream data chaining and optimized services will help Hua Mdetech expand its market.