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智·启未来 I 共同见证泓懿医疗(苏州)新征程!

Sincere congratulations on the grand opening of Suzhou Hua Medtech.

The Hua Medtech Suzhou opening ceremony was held on June 8th, 2020, at 10: 08 a.m. Government agencies and guests from the industry gathered together to witness this landmark moment with joy and acclamation.

As the grand opening of the Suzhou site has successfully come to an end, a new chapter of Hua Medtech unfolds.

Today, Hua Medtech is heading on the right track, progressing towards a higher and more advanced platform. Hua Medtech Suzhou site aims to build a self-sufficient innovation platform for medical devices through bringing in foreign leading technology and gradually shifting to carry independent research and development. The establishment of the Suzhou site signifies our commitment to stroke patients, neuroscience research, and the whole healthcare industry in China.

智·启未来 I 共同见证泓懿医疗(苏州)新征程!

Who are we? Where are we from? Where are we heading to?”

—— Zhang Wei

Mr. Zhang Wei, the Chief Executive Officer of Hua Medtech, addressed the following questions during his speech at the third anniversary ceremony of the company, “Who are we? Where are we from? Where are we heading to?” Mr. Zhang Wei shared the past, present, and future of Hua Medtech to all attending guests. Adhering to the core values of the company, integrity, progress, respect, and innovation, the company is committed to developing stroke-related medical devices, expanding product lines, and broadening our business domain in the future. Mr. Zhang Wei also proposed the company’s future as the following, “This is the best era. Together, we innovate, empower, and continuously contribute to the general public.”

智·启未来 I 共同见证泓懿医疗(苏州)新征程!

“My experience changed my determination.”

—— Hu Zhengguo

Mr. Hu Zhengguo, the co-Chief Executive Officer of WuXi AppTech and chairman of Hua Medtech, shared his stories of being a son to a stroke patient, his helplessness in witnessing his mother suffering from the disease, and his determination to change the current state of stroke treatment in China. Mr. Hu Zhengguo’s resolution aligns well with the goal and wishes of Hua Medtech and WuXi AppTech, in that through motivating entrepreneurs, practitioners, and regular workers, there will be no hard-to-make medications or uncurable diseases anymore. Mr. Hu Zhengguo believes that one day, China will achieve the most-developed healthcare quality in the world.

智·启未来 I 共同见证泓懿医疗(苏州)新征程!

“Standing on the shoulders of giants, let us be confident about the future.”

—— Zhao Wenyuan

Mr. Zhao Wenyuan, the general manager of Suzhou Hua Medtech stated that the company would not be constrained to formalities in that the company will not only introduce foreign leading technology but will also continuously improve its ability to carry product development and innovation independently. Collaborating with Penumbra Inc. and future leading companies in the industry is the most significant advantage to Hua Medtech Suzhou site, which allows the company to stand on the shoulders of giants. Meanwhile, Mr. Zhao Wenyuan proudly shared the first achievement the Suzhou site has made so far since the establishment on August 8th, 2019. The team's outstanding success made within the first ten months suggests an even brighter future for Hua Medtech Suzhou site.

智·启未来 I 共同见证泓懿医疗(苏州)新征程!

Suzhou will become China's first authorized production base.”

—— Mr Adam Elsesser

Mr. Adam Elsesser, the chairman of Penumbra Inc., sent his congratulations through live streaming from thousands of miles away. He said that the grand opening of Hua Medtech Suzhou site signifies that Suzhou will become the first site producing the most advanced medical instruments in the country. He believes that the collaboration between Penumbra Inc. and Hua Medtech will bring about mutual progress in learning, achievement, and production.

智·启未来 I 共同见证泓懿医疗(苏州)新征程!

“Don't be narrow-minded; broaden your scope.”

—— Yu Qingming

Mr. Yu Qingming, the secretary of Party committee of the Sinopharm Group Col., Ltd., also delivered a speech at the grand opening and supported companies to seize opportunities, improve qualities of stroke-related products, and ultimately increase market share. To achieve this goal, he recommended companies to challenge traditional ideologies, think out of the box, willing to explore and dare to make breakthroughs. Only through such strategies can we achieve faster development in stroke treatment and provide better treatment options for stroke patients.

智·启未来 I 共同见证泓懿医疗(苏州)新征程!

“Suzhou Industrial Park aims to build a biomedical landmark.”

—— Lin Xiaoming

Mr. Lin Xiaoming, a member of the Suzhou Industrial District Party Labor Committee, deputy director of the management committee, and head of the Organization Department, promised to accelerate the district planning during his speech at the grand opening. He aims to help Hua Medtech to become a biomedical landmark, prosper business development inside the district, and eventually become the leading company in the industry. He stated that the district would do its best to support Hua Medtech and achieve a win-win situation for a better future.

Enlighten the future

Gain control, enlighten the future

At the end of the celebration, leaders joined hands on the stage to wish for an enlightened and prosperous future for Suzhou Hua Medtech.

智·启未来 I 共同见证泓懿医疗(苏州)新征程!

As an old saying goes, an educated gentleman cannot but be resolute and broad-minded, for he has taken up a heavy responsibility and a long course.

The Suzhou factory site will be a new starting point for Hua Medtech. The company will follow its determined and dedicated path, collaborate with industry partners, and ultimately provide better, more advanced, and high-quality treatment options and services for stroke patients and the healthcare industry in China.

智·启未来 I 共同见证泓懿医疗(苏州)新征程!