“Win-win Cooperation for Great Success” | Hua Medtech’s 1st National Dealer Conference 2019


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“泓图大展、懿体共赢” I 泓懿医疗2019首届全国经销商大会

“泓图大展、懿体共赢” I 泓懿医疗2019首届全国经销商大会

Wuhan, China – On August 12, 2019, Hua Medtech’s 1st National Dealer Conference 2019 themed “Win-win Cooperation for Great Success” was held in Wuhan, attended by partners all over China. Hua Medtech’s strategic positioning, latest product information, market outlook and dynamics and cooperation plan on the logistics platforms were shared at the conference.

“泓图大展、懿体共赢” I 泓懿医疗2019首届全国经销商大会

Zhang Wei, CEO of Hua Medtech, made a speech at the beginning of the conference. In the past 2 years since its founding, the company has made continuous progress towards its goal of providing integrated solutions to stroke. Mr. Zhang Wei was glad to bring the good news to the partners of the official establishment of Hua Medtech Medical Devices (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. on August 8. Looking forward, the company will continue its deep dive in the three business directions in the treatment of stroke:

1. Continuous expansion of the sales and market platform;

2. Constant enhancement of manufacturing and R&D capability, as well as the matching marketing platform;

3. Development of the digital service platform.

The company will build a systematic solution to stroke based on the linkage of a closed-loop. The dealers are an essential part in Hua Medtech’s blueprint of future development. The dealers of Hua Medtech are increasing at a rate much faster than the industry average in terms of number and scale, realizing rapid growth in number of hospitals served and sales revenue.

| Building of a New Integrated Business Model

Miss Liu Hui, Hua Medtech Sales Manager in China, shared the company’s future direction of development, brand culture, and the platform-based cooperation plan. In the past 2 years, Hua Medtech took root in China’s market based on our core values of “Integrity, Ambition, Respect and Innovation”. We are bringing continuous new energy to the market by treating and curing stroke patients through continuous innovation and win-win cooperation.

The company will continue to introduce domestic and overseas leading technologies and products and localize them via technical improvement and innovation. At the same time, we will continuously enhance the team’s manufacturing and R&D capability, pay close attention to the latest technologies, and explore quality products and technologies that meet the clinical needs in China.

“泓图大展、懿体共赢” I 泓懿医疗2019首届全国经销商大会“泓图大展、懿体共赢” I 泓懿医疗2019首届全国经销商大会

| Bright Future of Great Success Based on Cutting-edge Technology

In her presentation of the trends in the industry, the cutting-edge products in the next 3 years and the marketing plans, Miss Zhao Wei, Vice Marketing Director of Hua Medtech, pointed out that Hua Medtech will constantly update the products, implement services for market development, enhance marketing quality management and develop the market together with the dealers as partners. At the same time, she wished the partners could take the opportunity to respond to the market competition actively, so as to achieve common growth through mutual trust and support.

“泓图大展、懿体共赢” I 泓懿医疗2019首届全国经销商大会

| Common Development Based on Complementary and Mutually Beneficial Cooperation

During the subsequent stages of the conference, partners from Hua Medtech and the platform shared their ideas in bidding, channel policies, supply chains and logistics platforms. Prof. Zhu Yuan of Wuhan Third Hospital was invited to the conference to present Hua Medtech and the dealers with the promising prospect of future development and services from the perspective of clinical needs.

Several awards were given away during the dinner, such as the Best Award for New Hospital Development, Award for Best Performance, Award for Best Cooperation and Award of Honor, to recognize the support and contribution of the dealers to Hua Medtech.

“泓图大展、懿体共赢” I 泓懿医疗2019首届全国经销商大会

Amid the tides of our times, new business forms, models and ideas in the healthcare industry are emerging as we are forging ahead.

As an up-rising star to provide high-end innovative healthcare solutions in China, Hua Medtech? will continue to grasp the opportunity of changes in cooperation with our partners. We will march ahead against the waves and tides, meeting the challenges bravely and considering them as steps toward further success.