About  Company

Established in July 2017, Hua Medtech Medical Devices (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is based in Pudong, Shanghai.

Focusing on stroke diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation in the field of stoke healthcare, Hua Medtech is committed to total solution for stroke patients and providing advanced quality technical products and services to stroke medicine.

In its early stage, Hua Medtech focused on introducing advanced medical devices and technologies to China's market and providing quality products and services for the patients. At the same time, it actively developed new modes for deep cooperation with partners, continued to introduce new generations of products and technologies, and expanded its marketing platform.

In the middle and later periods, Hua Medtech plans to make huge investment in medical device R&D and localized production, provide premium products that suit the needs of Chinese patients through independent production and R&D, and build an independent innovation platform of medical devices.

In addition, to support the government in speeding up the building of stroke network system in China, Hua Medtech will pay high attention to “smart” optimization and make contribution to the continuous optimization of stroke diagnosis and treatment through its big data platform.

Corporate Culture

Our Vision

Becoming a healthcare provider of integrated solutions to strokes

Our Mission

Creating greatest value for the community, customers and employees by treating and curing stroke patients with complete integrated solutions from continuous innovation and win-win cooperation

Our Core Values

⊙Integrity  Doing right things, living up to promises, and undertaking responsibilities
⊙Ambition  Constant self-improvement and enhancement in a changing environment
⊙Respect  Equality and teamwork for win-win cooperation
⊙Innovation  Continuous refinement and innovation to meet new challenges
Hua MedtechDevice (Suzhou) Co., Ltd grand Opening
Reach a technical cooperation with Penumbra for neural intervention products
Hua MedTech Medical Devices (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. was established in August 2019, becoming an innovative platform of Hua MedTech focusing on production and R&D.
Hua MedTech signed a strategic cooperation agreement on stroke diagnosis imaging system with Rapid in May 2019, and became the exclusive agent of Rapid in China.
Penumbra System enter Chinese market and get into clinical use
Penumbra System got approval in May 2018, and became the first and only NMPA-approved intracranial thrombosis aspiration system in China.
Hua MedTech signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Penumbra in August 2017, and became the exclusive agent of the Penumbra System in China.
Hua MedTech Medical Devices (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was established in July 2017