• RAPID Intelligent Diagnostic System
  • Penumbra Intracranial Aspiration System
  • Neuron MAX Delivery Catheter
  • Tianlu - Guide Catheter
  • Zhihao - Rotating Hemostasis Valve
  • Ousha - Angiography Catheter

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Hua Medtech

Established in July 2017, Hua Medtech Medical Devices (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is based in Pudong, Shanghai.

Focusing on stroke diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation in the field of stoke healthcare, Hua Medtech is committed to total solution for stroke patients and providing advanced quality technical products and services to stroke medicine.

In its early stage, Hua Medtech focused on introducing advanced medical devices and technologies to China's market and providing quality products and services for the patients. At the same time, it actively developed new modes for deep cooperation with partners, continued to introduce new generations of products and technologies, and expanded its marketing platform.

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